Men need self-care too!

Men need self-care too!

When it comes to the subject of self-care for men; they either ignore it and pretend to be okay or withdraw (ie. go into the cave).

It is so important to support our men by giving them a "safe place" to be tired, weak or sad - to process and heal.

As we honor the "super" men in our lives, know that it is OK for them to drop the weight of "the world" and take time to recharge. 

Here are a couple of gift ideas:

Our Sandalwood Chill Pills or if he's a bath lover, the Calm Down bath tea - he'll thank you later. Learn more here

Our message this month is for men and the collective. We are being asked to move toward our passion and be consistent - stay the course and don't rush; you may miss important details. Take your time, navigate the course and stay grounded - then success comes.

Dates to Note: Juneteenth (June 19th) and Father's Day (June 20th)

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