Time to Spring Forward !

Time to Spring Forward !

Spring is a time of renewal and fresh energy.  This is an ideal time to clear out and refresh your life and space.    

Here are 5 ways to get ready for Spring:Time to swap out your skincare products. As the seasons change, so does your skin; cream-based products become too heavy for the warmer months and may lead to clogged pores and breakouts. Gels and liquid formulas are lighter and are easily absorbed by the skin.

  1. Spring clean your wardrobe.  Donate items (that are in good condition) you no longer wear or that no longer fit to make room for newer items. Freshen the pieces you already have with “pops” of color to lift your mood. 
  2. Toss out cosmetics. I found a helpful article to guide you on that process here When to throw out makeup .
  3. Stock up on cold and allergy meds. This is a great time to prepare for colds and seasonal allergies and ways to boost your immune system as temperatures climb.  If you’d prefer to use essential oils instead of over-the-counter medications, email hello@kr-naturals.com for a list of essential oils for colds, allergies, and immune boosters.
  4. Get out. Go outside (socially distanced) and enjoy the sights and sounds of Spring in your area – being in nature provides relaxation and a sense of harmony with all. 


Each month I will pull a card of reflection for the month.

This month's card comes from the Soul Coaching Oracle deck by Denise Linn.


This month we are asked to stop "doing all the things" and just be! Emotional healing is vital as we move into this next season. We must be ready to embrace the new and not continue to hold on to what has long run its course. All will be well.

Relax and enjoy this time of renewal.



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