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Summer Skin Care

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Cookouts, family vacations, sand and surf - it's that time of year we've all been patiently waiting for - Summer !!

As more time is spent outside soaking up the sun (as good as it feels) it can lead to dry, itchy, sunburned skin.  

Did you know milk baths make a great at-home remedy for sunburn?

A 20 minute milk bath can soothe and hydrate sun-parched skin. Be sure to follow your bath with an aloe or oat-based moisturizer to "lock" it in.

Oats & Goats bath tea made with powdered goat milk and shaved goat milk soap (goat milk 2 ways), ground oats plus lavender buds is a top seller and it's the only bath tea in our line that's fragrance-free making it ideal for children and adults with sensitive skin. 

Try our 4 bag "starter pak" and because we're sure you're gonna want more, it's also available in bulk sizes.

Now, there's a reason to enjoy baths even in summer!


Message: This month we are equipped to handle anything that comes our way; we have all we need to manifest our dreams. The only limits are the ones you put on yourself; we are supported by the Universe.

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