Summer's Fading.

Summer's Fading.

The "dog days of summer" are beginning to wind down and it's not too early to plan your fall skin care routine. Seasonal changes to your skin care routine ensures you're adequately addressing its new needs. 

Our seasonal Brighter Day Chill Pills will retire at the end of this month, so now's a great time to grab some. Citrus helps boost your mood, awaken your senses and give that mental "lift" you need to tackle your day!

Next month, we will launch a new milk bath for the cooler days ahead.

We've entered Leo season and it's time to roar!  Dust off those dreams, formulate a plan and go after it.


Message: This month we are adjusting to the changes in our lives following the eclipse season. Whew!!  This uncertainty may cause us to become indecisive or hesitant but we are encouraged to let the "dust" settle because that has cleared out what no longer fits this new chapter and will bring opportunities where clarity is a must to be able to seize them.

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